Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Get Everything God Wants To Give You

Listen to: "How To Get Everything God Wants To Give You" by Greg Sidders, White Pine Community Church

Do you want everything God wants to give you? Do you think you've already gotten it?

 "The filling of the Holy Spirit" is a phrase that makes some Christians think about what they already have, but it makes others want what they think they don't have. Maybe that's because the phrase is used in the Bible to describe different experiences.

 Whether you consider yourself Spirit-filled or not, I think this message will broaden your perspective and whet your appetite to be filled with the Spirit in new ways.  I'm praying that will happen, not just for your sake but for the benefit of all who will be splashed with the living water that flows from within you when you are filled with all the fullness of God.