Monday, March 28, 2011

Soul Scan // 03-27-11

Soul Scan, by Greg Sidders, White Pine Community Church // In this podcast we will conclude our study of the Book of Philippians. In the last 12 weeks we have learned that the life we were created to live has Jesus at the center of it, and that the more we get into Him, the more we will get out of life. // But is there any way to detect whether we are any more Christocentric today than we were three months ago? Is there anything visible we can look at that will help us to diagnose the condition of our relationship with Jesus Christ, invisible as that relationship is? // Yes, there is. The last major section of this book teaches us a very practical way to gauge our spiritual health.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Eye of the Storm

In The Eye of the Storm, by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church // Some people's emotional state is like a rubber life raft in the ocean of their circumstances; there is as much turbulence inside them as there is all around them. Others live in the eye of the storm, at peace in the center of the cyclone that swirls around them. // Which are you? Which would you like to be? // In this Podcast we are going to learn how our soul can be an island of calm even when our circumstances are an ocean of chaos. If you'd like the get out of the life raft and onto the island, listen in!

Outline: In The Eye of the Storm

In The Eye of the Storm, PDF outline

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outline: Against The Wind

Outline with discussion questions.

Against The Wind

Against The Wind, with Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church // You don't have to follow Jesus for very long before it dawns on you that you are swimming upstream. The current of this world is moving so rapidly and so powerfully in the opposite direction that we face the constant temptation to stop resisting and start drifting. // How to we withstand that inclination toward capitulation? To use a different analogy, how do we stay on the narrow, uphill road that leads to life when it would be far less strenuous to join the masses on the broad road that leads to destruction? // In this message we will learn from the Book of Philippians two practical strategies for standing firm on the slippery slope. Much is at stake, so I hope you'll join us.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outline for "One Thing"

PDF Outline for Greg's Mesage, "One Thing" from Sunday 03-06-11, White Pine Community Church

One Thing

One Thing, by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church // Every once in a while, you meet someone who seems to have cracked the "purpose in life" code. They exude joy because they know why they're alive. They're not searching for who-knows-what; they've found it. // People like that are easy to admire but tough to emulate, because we don't know how to get what they've got. But what if someone who was utterly fulfilled shared his how-to secrets with you? And what if they turned out to be less mysterious and more doable than you ever imagined? // This message is Part 10 of The Life You Were Created to Live. In it we are going to spend time with a man who is as satisfied as God wants us to be, and we are going to learn from him how to make progress in our own spiritual quest. I'm looking forward to learning from him and growing with you.