Sunday, April 28, 2019

Signature Song

Listen to "Signature Song" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 4-28-19

We all want to pray in a way that pleases God, but how can we do that when what is in our heart is so messy? Our emotions swing wildly from joy to despair, and sometimes what we think and feel is something we'd never dare say to God. 

But in the Psalms we find a prayer companion that gives us permission to let what is in us gush out of us. Yet at the same time it gently teaches us to incorporate into our raw and honest prayers what we know to be true about God.

This Sunday at White Pine, we are beginning a series on the Psalms. We're calling it The Songs of Jesus, because the words that we find there are the very words that our Lord Himself prayed.

Notes and Discussion Questions - Signature Song

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Signature Song" by Greg Sidders

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mistaken Identity

Listen to "Mistaken Identity" by Will Truesdell, Sunday, 4-14-19

The story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday is a familiar story.  This Sunday at White Pine Will Truesdell will help us take a closer look at that day, and what the people who were praising Jesus had hoped Jesus would be and would do.  

Jesus may not have met their expectations...which invites the question: "Why was he riding into Jerusalem on that donkey?"  

Thursday, April 11, 2019

GOD F1RST - Investments

Listen to "GOD F1RST - Investments" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 4-7-19

I believe this week will be a historic day in the history of White Pine Community Church! All the learning, dreaming, planning and praying that has been part of the GOD F1RST initiative will culminate in a unified 
YES to God as we respond in obedience to His leading.

After watching how others (adults, teens and kids) have chosen to put God first in their lives, and studying more of what the Bible teaches about generosity, we will make commitments that represent our faith in 
God and our love for those who do not yet know Him. The result will be a big step forward in our goal of building a permanent facility in a strategic location, so that more of the 50,000 people who live in our region can find and follow Jesus.

I hope that you will listen, prayed up and ready to take a joyful new step of faith and commitment in your relationship with God!

Friday, April 5, 2019

GOD F1RST - Examples

Listen to "GOD F1RST - Perspective" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 3-31-19

D.L. Moody said: "A good example is far better than a good precept." For the past four weeks, we have learned some good precepts about generosity.

But this Sunday, we are going to do something even better: We're going to see some great examples. And just by watching them, we are going to be inspired to be more generous than ever before.

Whether you have been coming to this series weekly or occasionally, please make this Sunday's service a priority. The people you will meet are just too Christlike to miss.