Monday, October 25, 2010

Outline: When Jesus Lets You Down

Outline ,"When Jesus Lets You Down," by Pastor Greg Sidders

When Jesus Lets You Down

When Jesus Lets You Down, with Pastor Greg Sidders, as presented at White Pine Community Church October 24th, 2010. // If you are a Christian, it's at least partly because there was something about Jesus that your found irresistibly attractive, isn't it? He met a need in your life that no one else could meet. And as you have followed Him, you have found even more reasons to love Him. // But what do you do when He doesn't act like you want your God to act? No one can follow Jesus for a lifetime without at some point being disappointed, shocked, or even offended by Him. Believe it or not, those times of disequilibrium are critical to the development of our faith. In this podcast, we will be studying the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John, in which people reacted in all kinds of different ways to Jesus' departure from their Savior-script. My goal is to help your faith not just survive, but thrive, when Jesus doesn't meet your expectations. I'm looking forward to worshiping Him with you.~ Greg Sidders, Pastor

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outline: "Is The Great Physician In?"

Outline: "Is The Great Physician In?"

Is The Great Physician In? // 10-17-10

From Sunday, 10-17-10, "Is The Great Physician In?" with Pastor Greg Sidders. Part 5 of, "The Jesus Encounter" // If you've been following the Jesus Encounter reading plan, you've seen him do some pretty amazing things. You've watched leprous infections disappear, paralyzed legs walk, withered hands open, blind eyes see, deaf ears hear, and dead people rise. Hopefully the eyewitness accounts of those miracles have given you confidence that Jesus is indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life. // But there comes in time in all our lives when the miracles of Jesus can be disillusioning--and that is when we need one, but can't find a way to get Jesus to do today what he did when he walked the earth. // Was that God's plan? To do miracles in the past only to point us to the one who can give us a better future? Or is he still performing miracles in the present? We'll find a clear answer to that question in our encounter with Jesus this Sunday. I'm praying that what you learn will fill you with hope as you follow Jesus in this not-yet-healed world. ~ Pastor Greg Sidders

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Luggage of Life By Randy Reynolds Part 4, The Jesus Encounter

The Luggage of Life, By Randy Reynolds Part 4 of The Jesus Encounter. From the Sunday Morning Service 10-10-10, White Pine Community Church.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Outline for "Was Jesus Religious" // 10-03-10

Outline in PDF format.

Was Jesus Religious?

From Sunday 10-03-10 at White Pine Community Church. "Was Jesus Religious", with Pastor Greg Sidders. Part 3 of, "The Jesus Encounter" // In this podcast we're going to see the stark contrast between Jesus and the religious establishment, and what we see will answer two very important questions:  1)  How religious do we have to be to get close to Jesus?  And 2) How religious should we be if we want to be like Jesus?  So whether you are still investigating him or striving to emulate him, I hope you will enjoy this podcast. - Pastor Greg Sidders