Sunday, October 16, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - All Roads Lead

Notes and Discussion Questions, "All Roads Lead" by Greg Sidders

Where All Roads Lead

Church is one place people come to from all over.  And I don't mean geographically.

What I mean is that we come with diverse issues, needs and questions.  And we hope that one sermon will somehow speak to every person, telling them exactly where to go to get what they want most from God.

Is that possible? Yes. In fact, I am confident that, this Sunday at White Pine, you will find what you are looking for--and so will everyone else--because, despite our differences, we're all looking for the same thing.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Greatness That Lasts

We live in a time of "greatness" -- great innovations, great athletic abilities, great schools, great businesses, great careers -- and much is sacrificed in order to attain it.  We continually push and train our kids in the hope that they will reach it.
But what if "greatness" isn't all that great?  Why do so many "great" people have lives and endings that are far from desirable?
This Sunday we look at two ancient examples of greatness (one of whom was so great that you have benefitted from his accomplishments) and discover how to achieve the life and ending that is -- well, the best.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - Seeking God

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Seeking God" by Greg Sidders

Seeking God

If there is anything we've learned in the first three weeks of our search for the invisible God, it's that He is findable. In fact, He wants to be found.

So why is He hiding?
If you ever ask yourself that question, this Sunday at White Pine you'll get answers. And here's a hint: It may have more to do with you than Him.