Sunday, February 28, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - The Key to the Heart of God

Notes and Discussion Questions, "The Key to the Heart of God" by Greg Sidders

The Key to the Heart of God

Listen to "The Key to the Heart of God" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 02-28-16

I'm hesitant to tell you what we'll be talking about this Sunday at White Pine, because it might make you NOT want to come. But if your instincts tell you this topic is not for you, it's just because you haven't yet been exposed to the right role model.

The subject: Prayer. The role model: David, the king of Israel who wrote 75 of the Bible's 150 psalms. This was a man who really knew how to talk to God. Do you? 
Whether you consider yourself a novice or a veteran when it comes to prayer, I think you'll learn something new this week that will make you more excited than ever before to take this path to a closer relationship with God.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - Hanging On His Every Word

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Hanging On His Every Word" by Greg Sidders

Hanging On His Every Word

Listen to "Hanging On His Every Word" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 02-21-16

Christianity is not a religion. It's a relationship.

But relating to an invisible God is different than relating to a visible human. How do you cultivate intimacy with your Creator?

That's the question we'll be finding answers to for the next five weeks at White Pine. We're going to follow in the footsteps of biblical characters who discovered how to get closer to the God who created us to know Him.

I hope that through the truth we share you will find new paths to the ultimate destination: God Himself.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - Body & Soul

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Body & Soul" by Greg Sidders

Body & Soul

Listen to "Body & Soul" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 02-14-16

When was the last time you heard the word "sex" in church--and not in the same sentence as the word "sin"?

Surprise! God wants us to experience fulfillment in this important and intimate part of our lives--and His word maps out a path to that destination. This Sunday is Valentine's Day, so let's learn from the Bible how to fully enjoy this good and holy gift.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Notes and Discussion Questions - Get in the Game

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Get in the Game" by Josh Siebert

Get in the Game

Listen to "Get in the Game" by Josh Siebert, Sunday, 02-07-16

When you think of church, do you see yourself in the bleachers or on the field?
This Sunday at White Pine, we will see that we are ALL called to get in the game.  Then we will give you an opportunity to do it!  It's a First Serve Sunday, which means that you will be invited to sign up to serve in the ministry of your choice ONE TIME to see if it's a good fit for you.  We are so pumped to have you on our team!