Sunday, November 18, 2018

Don't Get Duped

Listen to "Don't Get Duped" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 11-18-18

In an anti-Jesus world, anyone who is pro-Jesus feels like kin. But before you affirm their faith or follow their teachings, it would be wise to find out whether the Jesus they believe in is the same Jesus you believe in.

What do true Christians believe about Jesus? That's the question we will find answers to in this week's study of 1 John 3:24 - 4:6. If you want to follow the real Jesus and help others to do the same, don't miss this Sunday's service!

Notes and Discussion Questions - Don't Get Duped

Notes and Discussion Questions, "Don't Get Duped" by Greg Sidders

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What You Didn't Know About Love

Listen to "What You Didn't Know About Love" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 11-11-18

I'm sure it's not news to you that Jesus wants us to love one another. It's the one command upon which all others are built.

But just because it's foundational doesn't mean we know everything God wants us to know about love. This Sunday at White Pine, we are going to learn new dimensions of love from a very old man who followed Jesus for a very long time. I hope you will join us as we discover, in 1 John 3:11-24, what we didn't know about love.

Notes and Discussion Questions - What You Didn't Know About Love

Notes and Discussion Questions, "What You Didn't Know About Love" by Greg Sidders

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Salvation Test

Listen to "The Salvation Test" by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 11-04-18

Knowing what it takes to become a Christian is pretty simple, but knowing for sure whether you are one can be tricky to discern. And knowing whether those who influence you spiritually are true Christians can be harder still.

Thankfully, the apostle John eliminated a lot of confusion when he wrote the letter we call 1 John. This Sunday at White Pine, we are going to study 1 John 2:29 - 3:10, which is essentially a true/false test designed both to assure us of our salvation and to expose those who claim to be spiritually advanced but are actually not Christians at all.

I'm praying God will give us both peace of mind and the wisdom we need to steer clear of false teaching as we get ready to see our Savior face-to-face.

Notes and Discussion Questions - The Salvation Test

Notes and Discussion Questions, "The Salvation Test" by Greg Sidders