Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outline for "Never Defriended"

Outline for, "Never Defriended" in PDF format.

Never Defriended

Have you ever been defriended?  

It's a relatively new word; in fact, it made its debut in the Oxford Dictionary of English just last year. But it describes an experience that has been wounding people since the beginning of time, not just since the beginning of Facebook. To see a friendship that you thought would last a lifetime end abruptly is among life's most painful experiences. We ache for relationships that last.

But what is the glue that holds a friendship together?

This Podcast is Part 3 of Beyond Facebook. In it we will find the answer to that question by observing a friendship in the Bible that withstood every threat to its longevity.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Outline for "The Blessing Zone"

PDF Outline for, "The Blessing Zone"

The Blessing Zone

Listen to, "The Blessing Zone" by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church.

In this podcast we are going to discover the most powerful secret to better relationships.

I know, that sounds like hype. "Secret" is a word so often used as a tease--a promise of some kind of previously-hidden nugget of revelation that will make what you thought was a complex problem surprisingly simple to solve. Too often those who say they know "the secret" over-promise and under-deliver.

That's not the kind of secret I'm talking about. I'm talking about a biblical principle that that is obscured by the fact that it is rarely stated explicitly. It's an implicit principle--the skeletal frame underneath the skin of so many of the Bible's relational commands. Supporting all those passages about how to forge better relationships is a ... well, a secret ... and when you discover it, it won't make all your relational challenges magically disappear, but it will light the path to a more satisfying social network. I promise.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Outline for "Risk" // 05-15-11

Outline and discussion questions for, Beyond Facebook Part 1 titled, "Risk."

Beyond Facebook // Risk

Listen to Greg's Message "Risk" the first part in a 5 part series titled, "Beyond Facebook: Building 3-D Friendships.

According to a recent news report, more people in the world now use Facebook than those who don't. Its popularity highlights the fact that our social network is an important part of our lives. We need friends--even if they're only Facebook friends. But nothing in the 2-D online world can compare to having 3-D friendships--side-by-side and face-to-face companionship with others who are on the same journey. We don't often talk about friendship in church, but that's not because the Bible doesn't talk about it. It does. The Scriptures are filled with principles that we can apply to our friendships, and for the next five Sundays at White Pine, we'll be exploring many of them. I hope you will come and see how very much God cares about your social network.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Survivor Motherhood // Mother's Day 2011

Listen to Survivor Motherhood by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church

I don't know of any job with a more lopsided rewards-to-labor ratio than that of motherhood. In what other profession do you get paid nothing for work that's never done? If anyone deserves a special day of recognition, it's moms. This Sunday at White Pine, I will be sharing a message designed to give those who have embraced the holy calling of motherhood a glimpse of God's perspective on their work.

If you are a mom, listen and be encouraged.

If you love someone who is a mom, invite her to listen with you and echo God's words of affirmation to her.

Then take her out to lunch!  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Christianity Light - Outline

Click for the PDF outline for "Christianity Light" by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church.

Christianity Light

Listen to Christianity Lite, by Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church // If you're someone who wants to do everything God wants you to do, I'll bet you have something in common with everyone else at White Pine who shares that desire: You're hoping for a short list. Whether you're a pre-Christian, a new Christian or a veteran Christian, you long for simplicity, don't you? But what are the chances of finding it in a 66-book, 1,000-page Bible? Better than you think. // In this podcast we are going to watch Jesus shrink the hundreds of scriptural dos and don'ts into a tiny, memorable package that has the power to revolutionize your life without putting you under a pile. I think it's just the right passage for the Sunday after Easter, and I hope you'll find it both liberating and life-changing.