Sunday, October 27, 2013

Notes and Disucion Questions: On Earth as in Heaven: Revelation 4-5

PDF Notes and discussion questions for: "On Earth as in Heaven: Revelation 4-5, Sunday 10-27-13

On Earth as in Heaven: Revelation 4-5

Listen to, "On Earth as in Heaven: Revelation 4-5" by Greg Sidders, Sunday 10-27-13

Does worship really matter? Does it matter whether we do it? Does it matter how we do it?

If you're someone who gets to church early and sings your heart out and thinks about how great it's going to be in heaven where we'll never stop worshiping, such questions sound almost blasphemous, but chances are there are people you know who are unmoved by worship as you are edified by it. To them, these are sincere questions.

In this message we'll find answers in an unconventional way: By taking a peak into heaven, to see how they worship up there.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Do It: Revelation 2-3

PDF Notes and discussion questions, "Just Do It: Revelation 2-3" by Greg Sidders, 10-20-13

Just Do It: Revelation 2-3

Have you ever pursued a goal that turned out to be so much harder to achieve than you anticipated that relief became more attractive than success?
I think there are times in the life of every Christian when that happens. We set out to follow Jesus faithfully for a lifetime, but then we encounter fierce resistance. What keeps us going during times like that? A clear vision of the rewards of perseverance! 
That's what Jesus will give us in the verses we will be studying in this message. From the other side of the finish line, He will remind us of what we have to look forward to if we overcome the temptation to quit too soon.  I hope you'll listen, especially if you need a second wind.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Knock, Knock: Revelation 2-3

Has God ever knocked on your door?

I don't mean that literally, but there are times when we know the Lord is trying to get through to us, aren't there? Sometimes we answer the door, and sometimes we don't.

 In this message we are going to watch Jesus knock on the door of five different churches, giving them the choice to either heed or ignore his painful but life-giving words. I hope that you'll listen and that if He happens to knock on your door, you'll trust His love enough to invite Him in.

Knock, Knock: Notes and Discussion Questions

Notes and Discussion Question
"Knock, Knock: Revelation 2-3" by Greg Sidders, White Pine Community Church, Sunday 10-13-13

Monday, October 7, 2013

Notes and Discussion Questions: Surviving the Attach

PDF Notes and Discussion Questions: Surviving The Attack by Josh Sibert

Surviving The Attack

Listen to, "Surviving The Attack" by Josh Sibert, Sunday 10-06-13 White Pine Community Church

Wouldn't it be nice is life was perfect? If only we knew all the answers and never made any mistakes!

Why do we get confused about what is true and tempted to do what we know is wrong?  Because we are being attacked! Someone is out to harm us! We need to know how to put up a fight and survive the assault. We will find out in this message how we can be successful in following Jesus when it seems so challenging.