Sunday, October 4, 2015

ReStart: Greed To Contentment

Listen to "ReStart: Greed To Contentment" by Josh Sibert, Sunday, 10-04-15

We live in a land of opportunity.  If we simply focus, work hard and fight for it we have the ability to gain great riches for ourselves.

But what if this pursuit is the very thing that fills our lives with grief?  Could this "good" mindset that our culture strives for be the very thing that is weakening our faith?  How can we find happiness in a way that doesn't hurt us?

This week we take a look at God's advice to pursue contentment.  If we can learn to be content and find happiness wherever we are in life, we have the ability to have a peace of mind that is overwhelming.  Listen to this Sunday's sermon as we learn the disciplines to obtaining contentment.