Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is The Life

"This is The Life" with Greg Sidders, Pastor, White Pine Community Church. Sunday 01-02-11 // I'm sure you've heard it multiple times in the past week. "Happy New Year!" It's a kind and optimistic wish, but, as you know, chasing happiness is like chasing the wind. It's hard to catch. // But not impossible. This Sunday at White Pine, we are going to discover the secret of happiness in a book of the Bible that might be described as "the happiest place in Scripture." It's the Book of Philippians, which we will be studying together between now and Easter. We're calling the study "The Life You Were Created to Live" because Philippians reveals God's purpose for our lives--and you'll see this Sunday that, when you chase God's will, you'll catch happiness. // So listen to this podcast and find out how to make 2011 the happiest year you've ever lived.