Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Christmas Matters

Why Christmas Matters, with Pastor Greg Sidders. // The scene is so familiar that the mere mention of the word "Christmas" paints it in our mind. A starry night. A stable. Animals. Shepherds. Joseph and Mary. And there, in the center, surrounded with glowing light, baby Jesus in the manger. Doesn't that picture warm your heart? // But does it engage your mind? What do you think about when you remember that first Christmas? How does it connect to your life today? Why does Christmas matter? // I believe that understanding the implications of the incarnation (a fancy word for God becoming human) can make this season all the more special. That's why I've decided to step away from our Jesus Encounter series on this last Sunday before Christmas to focus on the real-life, 21st-century significance of the Christmas story. I hope you'll be able to escape the busyness of holiday preparations to contemplate the reason for the season.